RCCA Recovery Tooling

Master-Lee Engineered Products line of RCCA Recovery Tooling consists of a variety of components designed for retrieval of RCCA (or BPRA) end caps and RCCA assemblies. Also available is an inspection rack for the non-destruction examinations of nuclear Fuel Assembly Inserts.

Precision machined from stainless steel, EPI’s RCCA Hub Gripper is great tool for handling bent or damaged RCCA Insert assemblies. With pneumatically actuated fingers, this tool will securely locate and latch to the RCCA hub for transfer to a SFP cell or Debris Canister for storage.

On the occasion a RCCA rodlet breaks or unthreads from its hub, EPI has developed tooling options to retrieve the rodlet tip.

A Threaded Effector tool simply threads on to the RCCA rodlet tip for retraction.

The Dimple Effector tool mechanically deforms around the RCCA rodlet tip, securely engaging it to be pulled from its guide tube. At times the RCCA rodlet fractures at the threads and is now made difficult to grasp with conventional tooling.

The Grapple Effector tool is designed to fit inside the guide tubes with its four engagement fingers retracted. Lowered into the guide tube this tool seats on top of the RCCA rodlet and the engagement fingers are retracted to firmly grasp the rodlet tip.

All precision instruments… all extremely effective!

Each of the aforementioned tools can be adapted to our AirGrips Tooling components.

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Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
RCCA Hub Gripper D0045G01  1
RCCA Rodlet Retrieval Tool – Dimple Effector D0544  1
RCCA Rodlet Retrieval Tool – Threaded Effector D0541  1
RCCA Rodlet Retrieval Tool – Grapple Effector D0535  1
RCCA Tool Handling Package CALL  1
17 x 17 WABA Handling Tool – Lower Combs D1711  1
     ► AirGrips 10′ Center Mast Section (J-Lock) D0086-10   3
     ► AirGrips 5′ Lifting Bail Section (J-Lock) D0086-5B   1
     ► Single Acting Valve, Regulator, & Gauge Assembly D0010G06-SA   1
     ► Polyurethane Air Tubing (1/4″ dual line) D0010H22   50 ft