Reactor Services

As a typical component of a full-scope refueling service, Master-Lee Energy Services (MLES) also provides Reactor and Reactor Vessel related services in support of your outage projects.  With many of the most highly trained and experienced technicians in the industry on our staff, MLES is readily equipped to help you reach your outage goals in providing efficient, quality work with an emphasis on safety.  Some of the available services we provide are:

  • Reactor Head disassembly and reassembly
  • Stud Tensioning and Detensioning
  • Stud Removal and Installation
  • Stud Cleaning
  • Remove, install, clean, and inspect Reactor Head O-Rings
  • Upper Internals removal and installation
  • Reactor Pressure Vessel Flange cleaning
  • Under Core Plate Inspection and Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)
  • Core Barrel removal and installation

Our training and qualification program ensures our field technicians consistently exceed industry expectations considering job knowledge and performance.

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The MLES staff of field technicians maintain years of experience and qualifications in the following areas:
  • Reactor Instrumentation removal/installation
  • Rigging (Heavy/light)
  • Tool handling and checkouts (Drive Shaft, Thimble Plug, BPRA, RCCA, etc)
  • Manipulator Crane Operators
  • FME Monitors
  • Control Room Engineers/Advisors
  • Coil Stack remove/install
  • Transfer System Operators

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services

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