Master-Lee believes that in providing our customers with a personalized level of service and high-quality products with an unrivaled consistency, we maintain a leading position as a commercially viable solution to the nuclear power industry. Working toward the ultimate goal of safe and successful outage completions rests at the forefront of our objectives.

Master-Lee Engineered Products Incorporated (MLEP) serves the commercial nuclear power industry with innovative, quality tooling and services designed with plant personnel interest and safety in mind. Our designers are recognized for their diversified experience in:

  • New Tool & Equipment Design
  • Process Application
  • Emergency Response
  • Field Modifications
  • Design Review
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Our customers choose Master-Lee Engineered Products for their practicality, reliability, ease of use and competitive prices. Each design and tool produced has undergone meticulous design review by the Specialists who use the equipment in the field. Our Engineers have extensive experience in field service applications. Our tooling is designed for simplistic operation and reliable service.

Our range of services include the following:

ENGINEERING & DESIGN SERVICES New Tool Design; Process Application; Drafting and CAD Service (AutoCad, SolidWorks, etc.); Emergency Response; Field Modification; Specialized Equipment and Design Review; Priority Engineering

MANUFACTURING SERVICES Mechanical and Tooling Manufacturing; Precision Machining, Fabrication ,and Assembly; Electrical Control Console Design & Assembly; Cable System Assembly

SPECIAL PROJECTS Complete Seal Table Outage Tooling; Flux Thimble Tube and Guide Path Cleaning Equipment; Flux Thimble Tube Replacement Tooling; ICI Removal & Segmentation Tooling; RX Vessel Debris Retrieval Tooling; RCCA Tip Retrieval Tooling; FME Tooling


ENGINEERING & DESIGN SERVICES New Tool Design and Technology Development; Drafting and CAD Service (AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor etc.); Mechanical and Tooling Manufacturing; Fabrication and Assembly

OUTAGE AND SPECIALTY TOOLING Reactor Dis/Reassembly Tooling; FOSAR and Specialty Retrieval/Vacuum Equipment; Decommissioning Tooling (cutters, remote function, etc.); Auxiliary Work Platforms; Debris Canisters; Incore System Tooling (thimbles and ICIs); RCP Spare Parts and Tooling; FMEA Approved Hand Tools and Systems; Prototype tooling and Replacement Parts

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