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Established in 1987, Master-Lee Energy Services was founded to provide the commercial Nuclear Power Industry with engineering, reactor services, decontamination, Reactor Coolant Pump & Motor, and NDE services, as well as cutting edge products and specialty tools.

Today, we have grown to encompass the family of Master-Lee companies. We serve a variety of power generation and industrial clients with a wide range of services, solutions, and products.

Our team is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional service experience and the highest quality results. Master Lee provides continuous training and a forward leaning approach to challenges – constantly raising the bar for our technicians, project coordinators, and engineers so that they are ready to meet ever-evolving industry necessities.

We look forward to working directly with you in achieving excellence on your next project.

Safety is our #1 priority at Master-Lee Energy Services

Every employee of Master-Lee Energy Services receives extensive safety-based training prior to conducting field service activities. 

The Management at Master-Lee is fully aware that our most valuable resource is our employees; as it is our employees who will ensure a safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation.  To protect this resource, it is everyone’s commitment to hold paramount the health and safety of themselves and their co-workersMaster-Lee believes that injury prevention is equal in importance to nuclear, radiological, and industrial safety and transcends goals for production, efficiency, and cost control.  

We believe all injury incidents are preventable and incident-free performance can be achieved.  Each personal injury has a cause and it is the fundamental responsibility of Master-Lee Management and individual employees to work to prevent injuries through careful identification and elimination of those causes and to promote safety consciousness among all employees 

At Master-Lee, we maintain an outstanding safety record and will submit any/all safety documentation as required when requested. 

Safety Compliance

Master-Lee is in full compliance with risk management and safety protocols from ISNetworld and Avetta. We are approved preferred vendors for both. 

Master-Lee holds green flag status with Avetta

ISNetworld uses traditional letter grades, and Master-Lee hold all A letter grades. 

Master-Lee Energy Services is fully compliant with both safety portals. 

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services 

Master-Lee Energy Services has been providing industry leading nuclear, industrial, and commercial field services and engineering solutions since 1987. To learn more about how Master-Lee can benefit your operation, call us at 1-800-662-4493 to speak with a Sales or Technical representative, or visit our Contact Us page today.