Master-Lee Energy Services Corporation has performed numerous fuel pool projects at commercial nuclear and DOE sites. This includes various spent fuel cleanups, inspections, and dry fuel storage projects. These projects have included fuel handling, fuel insert shuffles, irradiated fuel and fuel component inspections, cut-up and repairs, MetamicTM Insert and re-rack project support. Our personnel have handled over 100,000 fuel assemblies of numerous types/styles across the globe. In addition to our fuel handling expertise, our affiliate – Master-Lee Engineered Products, Inc – provides a variety of tooling and equipment supporting Spent Fuel Pool projects.

Spent Fuel Pool Services

  • Dry Fuel Storage, Supervision and Support
  • Tooling and Equipment Design & Fabrication
  • Fuel Consolidation, Reconstitution, Inspection & Repair
  • Waste Segregation & Identification
  • Debris Retrieval (FOSAR)
  • Underwater Vacuuming
  • Underwater Camera & Video Operations
  • Underwater Cutting & Packaging
  • Underwater Equipment including ROV crawlers w/ vacuum attachments

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services

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