Master-Lee Energy Services is a leading U.S. supplier of commercial nuclear refueling services. We have completed over 1,000 refueling projects since 1987 in reactor disassembly/reassembly, refueling, in-vessel work, and spent fuel pool activities. Master-Lee is dedicated to providing quality, experience, and commitment to help you meet your project goals. Master-Lee Energy Services maintains a high standard for quality and performance which is routinely demonstrated by our highly trained and experienced personnel.

Design Plant Capabilities

  • Combustion Engineering 
  • Babcock & Wilcox 
  • Westinghouse 
  • General Electric 

Service Capabilities

  • Full Scope Refueling Services
  • Reactor Head Maintenance Services
  • Outage Advisor
  • Design Engineers with Field Experience
  • Fuel Handling Services
  • Reactor Maintenance Equipment Repair
  • Refueling Advisory
  • Fuel Handling Equipment Operation
  • Testing and Repair
  • Control Room Support
  • Incore Instrumentation (Seal Table, Flux Thimble, & ICI Replacement)
  • Dry Fuel Storage Support

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services

Master-Lee Energy Services has been providing industry leading industrial, engineering, and nuclear services since 1987. To learn more about how Master Lee can benefit your operation, call us at 1-800-662-4493 to speak with a Sales or Technical representative, or fill out our contact form today.