Seal Table Services

Master-Lee is an industry leader in providing Seal Table Maintenance Services. We have provided Seal Table Maintenance Services to numerous nuclear stations throughout the United States, Sweden, Japan, Korea and Brazil. Master-Lee offers complete turnkey services and tooling for the seal table that includes Flux Thimble Replacement. The following are individual services we offer.

Seal Table and Flux Thimble Services

  • 10-Path Disassembly/Reassembly
  • High-Pressure Seals Removal/Installation
  • Thimble Tube Retraction/Installation
  • Low-Pressure Seal Installation/Removal
  • Thermocouple Leads Disconnection/Reconnection
  • Thimble Tube Cleaning
    • Water, Alcohol or other Medium for Flushing
    • Dry Brush Cleaning
    • Blockage Removal
  • Guide Path (Conduit) Flushing
    • Primary System Water Flush
    • Wet Brushing
  • Thimble Tube Replacement
    • Removal, Cutup & Packaging of Discarded Tubes
    • Installation & Coupling of New Tubes
      • [Includes all Tooling and Greater Than Class C (GTCC) Debris Canisters]
  • Interconnect Conduit Cleaning and Maintenance including Y-Connector Maintenance

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