Master-Lee is an industry leader in providing Seal Table Services. We have provided Seal Table Services to numerous nuclear stations throughout the United States, Sweden, Japan, Korea, and Brazil. Master-Lee offers complete turnkey services and tooling for the seal table that includes Flux Thimble Replacement. The following are individual services we offer.

Seal Table and Flux Thimble Services

  • 10-Path Disassembly/Reassembly
  • High-Pressure Seals Removal/Installation
  • Thimble Tube Retraction/Installation
  • Low-Pressure Seal Installation/Removal
  • Thermocouple Leads Disconnection/Reconnection
  • Thimble Tube Cleaning
    • Water, Alcohol or other Medium for Flushing
    • Dry Brush Cleaning
    • Blockage Removal
  • Guide Path (Conduit) Flushing
    • Primary System Water Flush
    • Wet Brushing
  • Thimble Tube Replacement
    • Removal, Cutup & Packaging of Discarded Tubes
    • Installation & Coupling of New Tubes
      • [Includes all Tooling and Greater Than Class C (GTCC) Debris Canisters]
  • Interconnect Conduit Cleaning and Maintenance including Y-Connector Maintenance

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services

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