Master-Lee Decon Services provides decontamination and industrial cleaning services to both nuclear and non-nuclear industries. Our Hydrolasing service utilizes high-pressure water to remove various sources of contamination, surface particulate, as well as rust/scale deposits.

With our mobile equipment capable of operating pressures of 10k-40kpsi, Master-Lee Decon Services (MLDS) is adequately prepared for your project’s demand and schedule. Our specialized equipment rests safely in the hands of highly-trained field service personnel with over twenty (20) years of operating experience. Each new technician attends an in-depth training class on procedure-use, techniques, as well as hands-on equipment utilization.

Some typical applications of our Hydrolasing service includes:

  • Reactor Cavity Decon
  • Condenser Tube Cleaning
  • Channel Head Steam Generator Decon
  • Vessel/Tank Cleaning
  • Service Drains
  • Hydrolase Cleaning
  • Hydrolase Training
  • Spent Fuel Re-rack Support
  • Torus Cleaning
  • Drywell Cleaning
  • Reactor Coolant Pump & Motor Decon
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Source Term Reduction
MLDS personnel assigned to support Hydrolasing activities have received Master-Lee’s classroom, hands on, and infield “OJT” experience that meets the objectives outlined in the “Recommended Practices for the Use of Manually Operated High-Pressure Water-jetting Equipment" published by the WaterJet Technology Association.

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