Debris Canisters

The Master-Lee Engineered Products Debris Canisters – approximately the same size as a nuclear fuel assembly – are excellent for storing underwater radwaste. On ICI and flux thimble replacements, structural cutting, any underwater project producing waste will benefit from the advantages of our Debris Canisters.

Compatible with standard fuel handling and transfer systems, each unit is simply transferred to and stored in a spent fuel pool cell. Assuring that no internal debris escapes during the transport from refueling cavity to spent fuel pool (horizontally oriented) our debris canisters incorporate a Gravity Lid. This swinging gate style device automatically closes when the Debris Canister is positioned horizontally. To further increase content integrity/security an optional Bolted Lid is available as well.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel with an uninterrupted cross section throughout, each unit accommodates up to 11,000 cubic inches of available storage space. Weighing in at approximately 80 pounds our Debris Canisters are easily hand carried to the work site.

Our standard Debris Canister can hold an entire BPRA or RCCA with its hub attached.

Contact us for pricing and canister/tooling options.

Part Image Part Description EPI Part No.
F/A Size Debris Canister – 17 x 17 D0737
F/A Size Debris Canister – 15 x 15 D0735
F/A Size Debris Canister – 16 x 16 D0736
F/A Size Debris Canister – 14 x 14 D0734
No Image Available F/A Size Debris Canister – B&W Fuel D0119
No Image Available Failed F/A Debris Canister – B&W Design D0120
F/A Size Debris Canister – BWR Design D1022
F/A Size Debris Canister – CE Design D2132
F/A Size Debris Canister w/ Bolted Lid -15 x 15 (for select plants w/ modified top nozzles.. call for info) D1241
F/A Size Debris Canister w/ Bolted Lid – 14 x 14 D0864
F/A Size Debris Canister w/ Bolted Lid – 15 x 15 CALL
F/A Size Debris Canister w/ Bolted Lid – 16 x 16 CALL
F/A Size Debris Canister w/ Bolted Lid – 17 x 17 D0780
Debris Canister & Lid Handling Tools:
Debris Canister Bolted Lid Handling/Installation Tool
– For use with AirGrips J-Lock Masts
CE Debris Canister Handling Tool D1335


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