Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Thread Chaser

For more of an aggressive approach to cleaning Reactor Vessel Stud Holes, Master-Lee Engineered Products would like to introduce the Stud Hole Thread Chaser. The Stud Hole Thread Chaser is designed to help clear any obstructions in the Reactor Vessel Stud Holes. Used in alignment with the Master-Lee Engineered Products Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Cleaner, the user can expect a clean and FME free Reactor Vessel Stud Hole.

The tool head is made of hardened tool steel and coated with Armoloy to add lubricity and hardness to the tool head. There are recessed cuts around the threaded head to allow any material in the stud hole to fall out as the tool passes by. There is a bushing on the tool shaft to help keep the tool head centered as it goes in and out of the stud hole. With a single ball-lock pin, the head can be easily adjusted to prevent inserting the tool to far or to dissemble for easy storage. The tee handle also has a ½” square drive on the top, that can be utilized as rachet or breaker bar if desired.

Available in 6″, 6.5″, & 7″

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Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Thread Chaser

Technical Specifications

  • 51” in Length
  • 23 Lbs. combined weight
  • Centering Bushing to keep tool aligned
  • Handles on Bushing for easy manipulation
  • Armoloy for added lubricity, hardness, and easy decontamination
  • ½” square drive added for the option to add more torque when necessary
Part Image Part Description MLEP Part No. Quantity
6″ Stud Hole Thread Chaser D3229  1
6.5″ Stud Hole Thread Chaser D3200  1
7″ Stud Hole Thread Chaser D3458  1