LED Helios 75K™ AreaLite

Master-Lee would like to introduce the brightest LED area light on the market, the Helios 75K™ AreaLite.  Designed to compliment it’s bigger brother, the Helios-100K floodlight, this compact area light is designed to be quickly and easily positioned in the reactor core in support of refueling activities.  Radiation tolerant, dimmable, operable in-air or underwater, this LED light is perfectly equipped for nearly every situation.  It is also interchangeable with the Helios-75K CoreLite and the Helios-75K Drop Floodlight.

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Providing up to 78,000 lumens of dispersed, white light using the latest in LED technology, the Helios 75K™ AreaLite is designed to be positioned inside the reactor vessel core, providing illumination in support of refueling and inspection service operations. The fully dimmable Helios 75K™ AreaLite has been engineered to be compact, lightweight, and rugged. The ease of positioning the light along with its large area of illumination ensures fewer moves are required by operators during critical path time, ultimately saving time.   Pairing the Helios 75K™ AreaLite with its big brother- the Helios 100K Floodlight System –  ensures the entire reactor vessel is brightly illuminated for thousands of hours of maintenance-free operating time.  Such a high light output gives our customers the flexibility to do more with less, as the Helios 75K™ AreaLite can provide the illumination of two or more traditional (tungsten/quartz halogen) lights.  This not only reduces the amount of required electrical outlets, as two or three Helios 75K™ AreaLites operate on one 15-Amp circuit, but also the amount of time spent positioning lights within the core is reduced.


With the capacity to produce up to 78,000 lumens of crisp, bright light there comes a point where changing conditions necessitate adaptation and that level of intense lighting can become overwhelming and counterproductive. Fully dimmable from 100% output to 10% power gives the end user total control allowing the light to perform exactly as needed. If it’s not the user adjusting light output based on conditions, it’s the conditions adjusting light output. The Helios 75K™ AreaLite incorporates a unique safety feature, Auto-Dimming, to protect itself from thermal overload. When the Helios 75K™ AreaLite is removed from water, its primary cooling medium, its operating temperature begins to rise. As this occurs, it senses the temperature increase and begins to lower its light output to maintain a safe operating level. In the warmest of open-air working environments, the Helios 75K™ AreaLite will effectively and safely cool itself through natural convection, operating down to 30% power levels if required. When conditions require fine control over light output, the end user can adjust this via a dimmer knob located on the Power Console.


Constructed of aluminum and finished with hard anodize, the Helios 75K™ AreaLite  weighs 15 pounds (5 pounds in water) for easy, manual installation/removal.  With the detachable cord secured to the light head with strain relief cord grips, the light is designed to hang from its cable in nearly any industrial environment.  The Helios 75K™ AreaLite System includes (1) Light Assembly w/ strain relief cord grip, (1) Power Console, (1) 100′ removable power cord, and (2) lens replacement kits.  Operating on standard 110-VAC or 220-VAC (DC input voltage is an available option) and drawing under 6-Amps adds to the portability and permits multiple lights to be configured on one electrical circuit.



Light output  Up to 78,000 lumens
 Light color  5000K (white light)
 Beam pattern  Flood (360-deg)
 Radiation tolerance  No limit (Lens needs monitoring w/ very high doses)
 LED Life  50,000 hours (> 70% lumen output)
 Dimming  100-10% manual; 100-30% auto
 Materials  Anodized aluminum; polycarbonate (lens)
 Operating temp (°F) 165 (maximum, in-air); ~135 (in water)
 Power Factor  98%
 LED Efficacy (@85C)  152 lumens/watt
 Warranty  2-Year; Limited; Parts replacement

 Operating voltage  100-240 VAC input
 Operating current   Up to 5.0 Amps
 Depth rating  Up to 100-feet
 Assembled weight  10 lb (Light head)
 Light Panel Size  4″ Diameter x 17.0″ High
 Light head positions  Vertical (0-deg)
 Cord  100-ft, detachable, bronze fittings
 Protection  Thermal Overload; Short Circuit,
Over Voltage; Fuse Protection
 LED Flux (@85C)  70,900 lumens
 FME Equipped  Yes

Part Image Part Description EPI Part No.
  Helios 75K™ AreaLite System, includes:
– (1) Helios 75K™ Power Console
– (1) Helios 75K™ AreaLite Head
– (1) 100-ft detachable power cord w/ strain relief
– (2) Lens Replacement Kits
Replacement Parts (Sold Individually)
Helios 75K™ CoreLite Head D3245
Helios 75K™ Power Console w/ AC power cord D3189
Helios 75K™ Cable – 100-ft w/ strain relief D3188
Helios 75K™ AreaLite Lens Replacement Kit, includes:
– (1) Polycarbonate Lens
– (2) O-Rings
– (1) 1-oz pack of Molykote lubricant