Polyurea Coating Systems

Polyurea is an elastomeric coating technology created from combining a synthetic resin and isocyanate reactive material. They can be specially formulated for a vast amount of applications. Polyurea’s are called coating systems, because there is no single protective coating that can meet every physical property range that may be required for a given project.

Advantages of Polyurea Uses Include:

  • Faster return to service due to the fast setting nature of the coating technology
  • High tensile strength and elongation characteristics
  • Very stable in environmental conditions(UV resistance, extreme cold and heat)
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, therefore, contains no VOC’s.
  • High Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • FDA, EPA, NSF potable water, army corp of engineers and some manufacturers have received LEED accreditation

At Master-Lee, we take polyurea seriously. We have over 25 years of application experience using  many different polyurea manufacturers blends. Our crews are extensively trained in house, with hundreds of documented hours in the field. We are in the process of taking it to the next level of training and having SSPC and NACE certifications. Polyurea coatings can be highly advantageous when properly installed. Surface preparations must be strictly adhered to and it is our mission to ensure that they are met to provide you a long lasting, highly durable protective coating system to meet your needs.


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