Reactor Head Stud Turnout Tool

Engineered to quickly, easily, and safely remove/install RX Head Studs, EPI’s RX Head Stud Turnout Tool is a tool most favored by field technicians industry wide.

The powerful 1/2 horsepower, 115 Vac power drive unit makes simple work of turning out/in the RX Head Studs. Coupled to a geared drive assembly, the turn out speed is kept to a safe and manageable level. Additionally, a load indicating spring canister – connected between the stud and the overhead hoist – is used to monitor weight and serve as a buffer, allowing smooth stud movement during removal/installation.

The EPI RX Head Stud Turnout Tool gets the job done QUICKLY, SAFELY, and ECONOMICALLY using only the most reliable of components to ensure years of maintenance free operation.

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Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
Reactor Head Stud Turnout Tool Package – 7″ Studs

-Specify Lifting Spindle –

D1642  1
Reactor Head Stud Turnout Tool Package – 6″ Studs

-Specify Lifting Spindle –

D1643  1
Components Included/Replacement Parts:
Lifting Spindle: 1-1/4″- 7 UNC C1663  1
Lifting Spindle: 1-1/4″- NPT C1664  1
Lifting Spindle: 1-1/2″- 6 UNC C1662  1
Yoke Assembly D1644  1
Turnout Finger C1649  1
Retaining Ball Lock Pin D1644-6  1
Image Not Available Power Drive Adapter D1642-6  1
Power Drive D1642-5  1
Swivel C1651  1
Image Not Available Swivel Bolt and Nut D1642H07  1
Image Not Available Lifting Shackle D1642H08  1
Image Not Available Lifting Eye D0013H17  1
Spring Canister Assembly 7″ C1645  1
Image Not Available Spring Canister Assembly 6″ C1646  1
Speed Control (Variac) w/ Storage Box D1642H09  1
Image Not Available Speed Control (Variac) Storage Box ONLY D1670  1