RCP Motor Lift Rig

The RCP Motor Lift Rig has been designed with a focus on SAFETY. Tailored to your specific motor and clearances, this low-profile design can dramatically improve your outage maintenance with a reduced crane-time window.

The RCP Motor Lift Rig is engineered to comply with all applicable regulations (ANSI, NUREG). With a design safety factor exceeding 10:1, rest assured personnel and plant safety are well protected. Additionally, each adjustable length turnbuckle – for leveling the motor – is equipped with a failsafe to guaranty maximum thread engagement.

Constructed of high-strength steel, the main body and lifting lug have been designed with the schedule in mind. Utilizing a weld-free design allows your shedulers to eliminate the routine weld inspections typically performed prior to use. This first-to-the-industry design also considers the safety of the rigging crew. Eliminating the heavy steel cables typical of RCP Motor Lift Rigs, Master-Lee’s design is best suited with lightweight synthetic slings.

If you feel your current rigging plan could gain an added layer of safety, feel free to Contact Us for more information.