Local Power Range Monitors (LPRM) Grapple Tooling

Master-Lee Engineered Products, Inc. (MLEP) would like to introduce the Local Power Range Monitors (LPRM) Grapple Tool. The LPRM Grapple Tool is a pneumatic tool designed to positively grapple the cold end of a LPRM or Dry Tube during the cut-up process. Once the LPRM or Dry Tube is cut the tool can then be upended to bring the “cold end” to the surface so it can be transferred to its disposal location. The grapple is delivered via a rope and can be adjusted so it can be delivered at an angle if the LPRM or Dry Tube is not vertical. The tool is also load rated for 75 lb in the horizontal and vertical position.


  • The technician to gain quick and positive control
  • Air operated at 90 PSI
  • Adjustable from 5 to 40 degrees
  • Can be coated to help with decontamination

Part Image Part Description MLEP Part No. Quantity
LPRM Grapple Tooling System D3496  1
Individual  Support Tooling:
Deluxe AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock)  D0011G09  1
Deluxe AirGrips Package (J-Lock)  D0086-DASSY  1
‘”Jaws of Life” Cutting System D2981  1