Hands-on Labor for Field Projects

Master-Lee Energy Services provides reliable mechanical maintenance services to petrochemical, oil production, power generation, and other industrial facilities. 

Our highly trained, experienced technicians are available to perform mechanical services when assisting clients in critical operations, including heat exchanger maintenance, turnaround and outage services, rigging and equipment moving, component replacement, industrial cleaning, mechanical maintenance, and more. 

We work with engineers in your Mechanical department, as well as Operations, Electrical, and Instrument & Control (I&C), as needed.  

Mechanical Maintenance Services

The mechanical services provided by Master Lee include: 

  • Turnaround & Outage Mechanical Assistance 
  • Long-term Supplemental Maintenance 
  • Heat Exchanger Maintenance Assistance
  • Component Repair and Replacement Services 
  • Emergency Mechanical Services 

Our experience repair and maintenance crews are consistently engaged in supporting the daily operations of facilities ranging from petrochemical plants to power generation station.

Work with Master-Lee Energy Services

Master-Lee Energy Services has been providing industry leading industrial, engineering, and nuclear services since 1987. To learn more about how Master-Lee can benefit your operation, call us at 1-800-662-4493 to speak with a Sales or Technical representative, or fill out our contact form today.