CO2 2

CO2 Blasting has become the preferred method for cleaning delicate equipment while reducing waste. The equipment is quickly setup, requires no more than a 110V-15A circuit to operate and takes up a very small footprint. A minimum crew size of two specialists is sufficient to complete most jobs in a couple of days. CO2 has been used to support numerous nuclear facilities to decontaminate tools, valves, steel grating, and minimizes secondary waste.

Master-Lee Industrial Services provides industrial CO2 blasting as identified below.

Electrical Applications

• Motors • Generators • Hydro Generators • Control Panels • Transformers • Welding Equipment • Robotic Equipment • Diesel Electric Drives • Switchgear • Relays • Wiring Runs

 State-of-the-Art Equipment

* Lower Pressures than older equipment

* Angled nozzles for tight areas

Personnel Experienced

* Master-Lee Trained

* 20 Plus Years Experience

* Personnel have experience with Motor Windings from 150 - 34,000 H.P., Generators and Hydro Generators 1000 KW to 40 MW, Ceramic Insulators, Transformers, Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

Equipment Portability

* Equipment can be cleaned in place

* Small footprint

* Power supply is 110 Volt

* Small crew size

* Can be used in a booth or directly on work site

Damage Free

Due to the lower density of the CO2 pellets being blasted,

there is no damage to sensitive or fragile parts. When the

CO2 pellets impact the surface being cleaned, they sublime,

removing the contaminates from the substrate.

Reduced Pellet Usage

Dry compressed air 5,000 - 12,000 cu ft per hour; 75 lbs. to 150 lbs. of ice pellets per hour.

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