Flux Thimble Tube Jacking Tool

The Master-Lee Flux Thimble Tube Jacking Tool is used at the Seal Table to assist with retraction and insertion of flux thimble tubes during outage maintenance. The system consists of a Hydraulic Jacking Tool, Control Console and Hydraulic Power Supply. Both the 115 Vac Hydraulic Power Supply and Control Console are mounted on a portable cart to facilitate transportation to and from the jobsite.

Flux Thimble Tube Jacking Tool: Parts List
Part Image Part Description EPI Part No.
Hydraulic Jacking Tool D0424
Jacking Tool Control Console CALL
Image Not Available Replacement Tool Head (for D0424) CALL
Image Not Available Jacking Tool Jaws D0424IT.52
Manual Starter Tool E1177
Hydraulic Starter Tool D1186
Image Not Available Hydraulic Jacking Oil (1 or 5 gal) CALL