ICI Cutter System

Designed to expedite the process of cutting ICI (In-Core Instrumentation) cables, EPI’s ICI Cutter System is the newest tool of its kind to the industry. Field tested to reduce man-hours, dose and cost, this unit stands at the forefront of automated underwater cutting.

Built as a lightweight and compact unit, the ICI Cutter System utilizes a hydraulic feed motor as well as a hydraucally operated cutter head. Pneumatic cylinders are tasked with providing the force necessary to eliminate ‘slippage’ of the ICI cable. Connected to the main control unit – which can be run manually or set to automatic mode – the ICI Cutter System controls are easily maintained by the engineer/technician.

Some of the technical specifications:

  • System Pressure 2500 psi Minimum
  • Auto / Stop / Manual Operation
  • PLC controlled timing and valving
  • Cutter pressure 1500 psi (adjustable 1,000-2,000 psi)
  • Motor feed pressure 1100 psi (adjustable 500-1500 psi)
  • System hydraulic fluid – UCON Trident AW-32
  • (5) 50′ thermoplastic hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic Quick-Disconnect fittings
  • Power Requirements: 220 Volt single phase
  • Adjustable 0-130 psi air regulator

Please contact our engineering sales staff to discuss your needs.

Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
ICI Cutter System CALL  1 Package
Components Included:
ICI Cutter CALL  1
ICI Cutter Power/Control Console CALL  1
Set of (5) 50′ thermoplastic hydraulic hoses CALL  1
Set of quad-core 50′ polyurethane air hose (1/4″) CALL  1
AirGrips 10′ Center Mast Section (J-Lock) D0086-10  12
ICI Cutter Motor (Spare) D0878-R1  1
ICI Cutter Cylinder (Spare) D0885-R2  1
Set of (5) 50′ thermoplastic hydraulic hoses (Spare) CALL  1
ICI Cutter Parts Package (Spare) CALL
       ► Cutting Blade C0991-R0  1
       ► Sliding Blade Screw C0993-R0  1
       ► Disc Blade C0994-R0  1
       ► Retainer Nut C1385-R0  1
       ► Cam Wheel C1389-R0  1
       ► Feed Wheel C0955-R1  1
Sliding Blade Replacement Tool E0833-R3  1
Extension Hex Wrench D1431-R0  1
1-1/8″ Hex Socket Tool (for use with D0833-R3) D0722-15  1
ICI Hook Tool D0930-R0  1
Round Blade Tool Kit (includes tool and the following): D0928-R2  1
       ► Polyurethane Air Tubing – 50′ CALL  1
       ► Single Acting Valve, Regulator, & Gauge Assembly D0010G06-SA  1
Hydraulic Quick-Disconnects (1M and 1F) CALL  1
Image Not Available 90o Elbow, 1/4″ Tube x 1/8″ NPT CALL  1
Image Not Available 1/4″ Tube Coupler CALL  1
Optional Equipment:
Image Not Available ICI System Storage Box CALL
Image Not Available ICI Cutter and Tooling Storage Case CALL
ICI Hook Tool (for handling) D0930  1
ICI Vice Grips Tool (for handling) D0931  1
ICI Cutting System Debris Canister CALL
ICI Cutting System Debris Canister Storage Rack (single cell) CALL
ICI Cutting System Debris Canister Storage Rack (triple cell) CALL
ICI Cutting System Debris Canister Handling Tool CALL