Flux Thimble Grapple Tooling

Master-Lee Engineered Products provides a user-friendly set of tools for the removal of flux thimbles …. the Flux Thimble Removal Tooling System.

The EPI system removes the highly radioactive flux thimbles from the Reactor Vessel side for disposal. Underwater handling of the 30+ foot long section is meticulously done with the aid of our Deluxe AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock) and Flux Thimble Grapple Tool. This tool has been engineered to easily position itself around the flux thimble, at which point a cam mechanism is actuated to securely grip the flux thimble for retraction.

Flux Thimble Removal Tooling System: Parts List

Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
Flux Thimble Grapple Tooling System E1227-System  1
Individual  Support Tooling:
Deluxe AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock) D0011G09  1
‘C’ Cutter System D2980  1
Flux Thimble Grapple Tool E1227  1
Slide Seal Assembly w/ 6″ Push Rod D0638  3
No Image Available Bolt Cutter CALL  1
No Image Available Swagelock Tubing Cutter & Debur Tool CALL  1
High Pressure Seal Cutting System D0023G01  1