‘C’ Cutter System

Engineered to compliment MLEP’s AirGrips Tooling, the hydraulically operated C-Cutter System is an excellent tool for underwater cutting.

Coupled to the powerful Electric-Hydraulic Pump, Master-Lee’s C-Cutter is capable of cutting up to 9/16″ round steel bar. This power is transferred/supplied via UCON® Trident AW-32 hydraulic fluid, the most accepted brand in the industry for use in nuclear power, marine, and forestry applications. Adapted to the articulating wrist this cutter can be preset for horizontal, vertical, or 45° cutting positions.

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Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
‘C’ Cutter System D2980  1 Package
Components Included:
Electric-Hydraulic Pump Unit D2983  1
‘C’ Type Cutter Head C2424  1
Cutter Wrist for AirGrips Mast D0309G01  1
50′ Hydraulic Hose C2018  1
Replacement Parts:
No Picture Available ‘C’ Cutter Rebuild Kit C2424RBK  1
‘C’ Cutter Extra Cutter Blades C2424MB/SB  2
Cutter Wrist for AirGrips Mast D0309G01  1
No Picture Available Stainless Steel Cutter Wrist (Upgrade) D0309G01-SS  1
AirGrips J-Lock Mast Adapter D0082  1
‘C’ Cutter Single Hose (50′) CALL  1
No Picture Available UCON Trident AW-32 Hydraulic Fluid (5 gal) CALL  1