Engineered Products and Systems

At Master-Lee Energy Services, were known for putting highly trained, experienced field service teams on-site across a wide range of industrial, petrochemical, and power generation facilities. 

That vast range of experience over three decades has enabled us to bring a line of experience-informed tools, engineered products, and lighting systems to the market. 

Each Master-Lee product aids in maintaining a safe environment, saving time and money, and delivering reliable tools that exceed performance expectations.  

FME Tooling

Foreign Materials Exclusion (FME) is a maintenance challenge in a variety of operational environments. Preventing outside debris from infiltrating operational systems, especially in power generation facilities, has both safety and economic consequence.  

At Master-Lee, we offer both FME tooling packages and individual components for purchase. Tools, tool retention systems, and lanyards are available 

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Grippers & Retrieval Tools

Designed by experienced Master-Lee field personnel, our AirGrips™ system guarantees usefulness, maintainability, and reliability in environments where debris, tool, and parts retrieval underwater is called for. 

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Master-Lee Engineered Products

Do you have a need for a specialized tool that is not available on the market today? At Master-Lee, we work with our customers in new tool design and the development of specialized equipment. Specialty tooling, field modifications, and cost-effective fabrication and manufacturing services are available. 

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Lighting Systems

Designed for use in one of the most demanding environments on earth, nuclear power generation stations, Master Lee’s range of floodlight, drop light, and area lighting solutions have become industry leading solutions for both general area lighting and in underwater environments. 

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