2018 Points of Interest

2018 Points of Interest

Master Lee Engineered Products (MLEP):

  • New LED Lighting products added to the product line
  • New Flux Thimble Cleaning Gauges & Brushes
  • New CETNA Platforms designed
  • New Poison Rodlet Tooling for Millstone
  • New Heat Exchanger and Tower Mock-ups

Master Lee Decon Services (MLDS):

  • Awarded and Completed Wolf Creek InstaCote Application

Master Lee Energy Services (MLES):

  • Refueling Services
    • Over 20 Refueling Jobs Completed
      • Includes Fuel Receipts, Fuel Examinations, Flux Thimble Work and Refuels
    • Completed Record Outage at Point Beach Using Hybrid Model
  • Reactor Coolant Pumps and Motor Services (RCP)
  • NDE Services
    • Extended Contracts with Existing Customers