Providing WCNOC Safe and Reliable Services Since 1987

Providing WCNOC Safe and Reliable Services Since 1987

Master-Lee Energy Services (MESC) has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with WCNOC for Reactor Head Maintenance and Refueling Services since 1987.  Throughout this time, MESC has provided safe and reliable services while maintaining a high level of respect for the plant and the people who work there.  In our history at WCNOC, we recognized that as we grew together within our cultures and organizations that employee ownership was similar and aligned.  This fundamental element has allowed the collective team to improve outage after outage as we understand the work, program and processes to allow both to identify improvement opportunities along the way.  MESC believes this is a key alignment element that supports WCNOC Performance Excellence Program.


Click below to read the Wolf Tracks Magazine Recognition Article from  RF23.

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