Refueling Support Tools

Button Height Measurement Tool

For Control Rod Drive Shaft button height verification, EPI's Button Height Measurement Tool completes the job accurately and with minimal time.

Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool

The Master-Lee Engineered Products Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool is designed for the handling of BPRA, Thimble Plug, and WABA assemblies.

Control Rod Drive Latch/Unlatch Tooling & Parts

The Master-Lee Engineered Products line of spare/replacement parts and accessories for the Control Rod Driveshaft Latch/Unlatch Tool is designed to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of tooling crucial to your outage success.

Core Plate Plugs

Master-Lee Engineered Products offers a simple solution to eliminating the potential for debris (FME) falling through the upper core plate flow holes of your nuclear reactor vessel - Core Plate Plugs.

RCCA Recovery Tooling

Master-Lee Engineered Products line of RCCA Recovery Tooling consists of a variety of components designed for retrieval of RCCA (or BPRA) end caps and RCCA assemblies. Also available is an inspection rack for the non-destruction examinations of nuclear Fuel Assembly Inserts.

Refueling Shoehorn

The Master-Lee Engineered Products Refueling Shoehorn ensures safe and quick positioning of fuel on the reactor vessel core plate during refueling operations.