Reactor Head Tooling

Reactor Head Nut Runners

Designed for removal and installation of Reactor Head Nuts, EPI's Reactor Head Nut Runners can adapt to any size or style of Reactor Head Nut used at your plant.

Reactor Head Stud Turnout Tool

Engineered to quickly, easily, and safely remove/install Reactor Head Studs, EPI's Reactor Head Stud Turnout Tool is a tool most favored by field technicians industry wide.

Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Plugs

The Master-Lee Engineered Products Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Plugs provide an effective and reliable seal to prevent water or debris from entering the vessel stud hole during refueling maintenance outages.

Reactor Head Maintenance Tooling

Gathering feedback from our highly experienced field technicians, Master-Lee Engineered Products, Inc. has developed an entire line of tooling to enhance the Reactor Head Maintenance performed at your facility. Designed to decrease time, cost, and dose, we're confident you will notice the immediate impact when you incorporate EPI's Reactor Head Maintenance Tooling products into your job.