Reactor Coolant Pump & Motor Tools

RCP Motor Lift Rig

The RCP Motor Lift Rig has been designed with a focus on SAFETY. Tailored to your specific motor and clearances, this low-profile design can dramatically improve your outage maintenance with a reduced crane-time window.

RCP Motor Alignment Tool

The RCP Motor Alignment Tool has been developed to improve the dynamic operating conditions of your motors.

RCP Seal Maintenance Fixture

The RCP Seal Maintenance Fixture has been developed to assist in performing seal maintenance. Constructed from aluminum, this tool is the lightest in the industry.

RCP Shaft FME Cover

Master-Lee's RCP FME Cover is a critical component which should be utilized on every RCP Seal maintenance project. Lightweight and quick to install/remove, the FME Cover is used to maintain FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) integrity during maintenance evolutions. It is designed to cover the vacant mounting holes for the #1 Seal Housing as well as the opening to the pump casing. A rubber seal tightly conforms to the pump shaft to ensure even fine particulate does not make its way into the primary system.

RCP Coupling & Runner Alignment Fixture

Master-Lee's RCP Coupling & Runner Alignment Fixture is a critical tool used on every RCP Seal maintenance project. Used to verify RCP seal runouts, pump shaft centering, and coupling positions to within 0.001", this item is a must-have for your RCP tool arsenal.

RCP Seal Housing Inverter

The Master-Lee RCP Seal Housing Inverter was designed with SAFETY in mind. For nearly every seal maintenance job comes the task of inverting the #1 Seal Housing for cleaning, inspection, and removal/installation of the #1 Seal.

RCP Maintenance Tools

In addition to our more specialized line of RCP maintenance equipment, EPI has engineered a number of RCP Maintenance Tools for use on your next job.