FME Tooling

Master-Lee Engineered Products' FME Tooling Systems remedies the potential danger of dropped tools into critical systems or from elevated work stations.

F...... Foreign

M..... Materials

E...... Exclusion

FME is one of the major maintenance challenges faced in our industry on a daily basis. The Master-Lee FME Tool System not only addresses this challenge but offers a sensible and sound solution.

Master-Lee offers a variety of FME Tooling Packages to support your FME needs. Additionally, Master-Lee has made all of our FME Product Line components available for individual purchase. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Deluxe FME Tool System

The Master-Lee Engineered Products' Deluxe FME Tool System includes those components used most often at the jobsite. Each and every tool has been modified to easily and quickly adapt to one of EPI's FME Tool Retention Systems.

Standard FME Tool System

The Master-Lee Engineered Products' Standard FME Tool System is an economical solution to your jobsite FME challenges.

FME Tool Storage

Mounted on a wheeled anti-tip frame, the FME Pegboard Toolbox can be stored right at the work site for quick and easy access to one of EPI's FME Tool Systems. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, this heavy duty cabinet will surely withstand the toughest of environments.

FME Tool Retention System

To address the many FME challenges facing the industry, Master-Lee Engineered Products offers the FME Tool Retention System™ to compliment our standard line of FME Tools.

Individual FME Tools

Master-Lee Engineered Products' special line of FME tooling is now available for purchase on an item-by-item basis. If you'd like to order replacements or perhaps additional tools to add to your existing package, please browse through our listing of Individual FME tools.