Econo AirGrips Package

With the ability to perform long range tasks or retrieval applications, the AirGrips™ EconoPackage was built with simplicity in mind. With this package, MLEP offers the J-Lock System or Ball-Lock System.  The user can reach up to 45’(J-Lock) or 55’(Ball-Lock).

This package includes the following:

  • 1 –AirGrips™ Large Pliers
  • 1 –AirGrips™ Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1 –AirGrips™ Three-Finger Gripper
  • 1 –Single Acting Valve, Regulator, and Gauge Assembly
  • 2 –Male Air Fitting (For Bottom Section)
  • 1 –Polyurethane Air Tubing –100 Feet
  • 2 –AirGrips™ Large Air Cylinder Assembly

4 –AirGrips™ 10’ Center Mast Section
1 –AirGrips™ 6” Bottom Mast Adapter
1 –AirGrips™ 5’ Lifting Bail Section
4 –AirGrips™ 10’ Center Mast Section
1 –AirGrips™ 10’ Bottom Mast Section
1 –AirGrips™ 5’ Lifting Bail Section

The items listed below are included with the Econo AirGrips™ Package. All items may be purchased individually as well. Please contact us for pricing.

 Part Image Part Description EPI Part No. Quantity
Econo AirGrips™ Package (Ball-Lock) D0011G08  1 Package
Econo AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) D0086-EASSY  1 Package
Components Included:
AirGrips Large Pliers D2174  1
AirGrips Needle Nose Pliers D2177  1
AirGrips Three-Finger Gripper D1679  1
Single Acting Valve, Regulator, & Gauge Assembly D0010G06-SA  1
Male Air Fitting (For Bottom Section) D0010H23  2
Polyurethane Air Tubing – 100 ft D0010H22  1
AirGrips Large Air Cylinder Assembly D1483  1