LED Pencile System

The LED PenciLite™ is a durable, long-lasting drop light that provides up to 20,000 lumens from high-powered LED lighting components to illuminate your underwater work environment.

 LED Drop Light BodyDurable, reliable, and extremely bright (42,000 lumens with 4000K color temperature) - best describes the EPI LED Area Drop Light. The perfect solution to your underwater and general area lighting needs.

pencilite assembly

The PenciLite™ is a durable drop light that provides more than 10,450 lumens from one 500 watt, GFCI, water-cooled, quartz-halogen bulb.

 The Area Drop Light (GFI)is commonly used throughout the commercial nuclear power industry for refueling core, cavity, and spent fuel pool temporary lighting, or wherever localized underwater illumination is needed.  Supplying 54,000 lumens, the high-powered 2,000 watt quartz-halogen bulb is sure to brighten your underwater environment.  An upgrade from our standard Area Drop Light, this item is compatible with GFI (Ground Fault Interupter) circuits.