D0006G02Master-Lee Engineered Products offers a simple solution to eliminating the potential for debris (FME) falling through the upper core plate flow holes of your nuclear reactor vessel - Core Plate Plugs.

Any time fuel is removed from the core, debris has a direct path through the flow holes where it becomes very difficult (and timely) to retrieve. 

Made from stainless steel, the set consists of eight (8) standard conical-shaped plugs and one (1) wedge-shaped plug.  Conically shaped to improve installation, the wedge-shaped plug is used primarily for flow holes partially covered with debris.  This design captures the debris, holding it in place for future removal while eliminating the possibility of it falling through a flow hole.

The EPI Core Plate Plug is the ideal aid in support of your Foreign Materials Exclusion (FME) program.

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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

Core Plate Plugs - For West. plant

D0006G02 9 pc/set

Core Plate Plugs - For CE plant

D0006G01 9 pc/set

Core Plate Plugs

  4 pc/set