The Master-Lee Engineered Products line of spare/replacement parts and accessories for the Control Rod Driveshaft Latch/Unlatch Tool is designed to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of tooling crucial to your outage success


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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.

Driveshaft Tool Calibration (Mock-up) Tool


Control Manifold Assembly (complete w/ hoses)


Control Valves


Control Valve Rebuild Kit (ea. valve requires 2 kits)

Hose - 100' (4 ea @ 25') DST0003/4
Male Sockets (female quick connector) DST0005
Male Plugs (quick connector) DST0006
Latch/Unlatch Cylinders (2 required per tool): 5-3/4" DST0007-575
Latch/Unlatch Cylinders (2 required per tool): 6-3/4" DST0007-675
Driveshaft Tool Storage Box (for 2 tools) CALL
Button Up/Down Cylinder (DPC2500) DST0008
Button Height Measurement Tool D2291
Button Height Measurement Tool Storage Box D0070-7
  Limit Switch Assembly - RCCA Tool RCC0001