The Master-Lee Engineered Products Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool is designed for the handling of BPRA, Thimble Plug, and WABA assemblies.

Engineered to adapt to our Deluxe AirGrips Package (J-Lock) components, this tool makes a great addition to your outage tooling plan.  Ideal for handling any Fuel Assembly Insert with a 'T-Bar' style design, the EPI Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool securely latches onto the insert.  Once the tool's fingers are rotated to engage the T-Bar, two pneumatic cylinders are actuated to fully capture the insert. A safe, effective, and cost effective means for handling Fuel Assembly Inserts.

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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool


Fuel Assembly Insert Handling Tool Package (Includes Tool & the following)



17 x 17 WABA Handling Tool - Upper Combs D1710  1
17 x 17 WABA Handling Tool - Lower Combs D1711  1

     ► AirGrips 10' Center Mast Section (J-Lock)

D0086-10   3

     ► AirGrips 5' Lifting Bail Section (J-Lock)

D0086-5B   1
     ► Single Acting Valve, Regulator, & Gauge Assembly



     ► Polyurethane Air Tubing (1/4" dual line)


  50 ft