Designed for removal and installation of RX Head Nuts, EPI's RX Head Nut Runners can adapt to any size or style of RX Head Nut used at your plant. 

The RX Head Nut Runners is powered by a 120 VAC electric which drives, through an internal gear assembly, custom sized fingers that engage the slots of the RX Head Nut.  With a trigger controlled speed feature, the user has the ability to maintain and regulate turnout speed.  Due to its modular design and EPI's attention to detail, maintenance is kept to a minimal level.

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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

RX Head Nut Runner Tool Package

D1625  1

Replacement Parts:


Main Top Plate

D1628  1

Ring Gear and Bearing Assembly
(Consists of the following components)

       ► Gear

       ► Bearing

       ► Bearing Seat

       ► Dog Ring

       ► Retaining Ring












Drive Gear C1633  1
Drill Bottom Clamp C1632  1
Drill Top Clamp C1631  1
Gear Housing Cover D1627  1
Fingers (custom) Call  1 set