The Master-Lee Engineered Products RX Vessel Stud Hole Plugs provide an effective and reliable seal to prevent water or debris from entering the vessel stud hole during RF maintenance outages.

Made from a nylon body, stainless steel top plate, and molded neoprene gasket the lightweight plug is very durable and easily cleaned.

The RX Vessel Stud Hole Plugs are installed using our T-Handle Tool.  With the tool's 'easy-align' connector, the plugs are quickly and easily installed or removed.

The threaded portion of the nylon body precludes galling due to thermal expansion and also prevents damage to the stud hole threads of the vessel.

The stud hole plugs are shipped and stored in a DOT Type 7A container.  Partitioned crate compartments ensure minimal contact with the plugs' threads ensuring years of service.

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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

RX Vessel Stud Hole Plug Package - 6" Studs

D1463  1

RX Vessel Stud Hole Plug Package - 7" Studs

D1464  1

RX Vessel Stud Hole Plug Package - 6.5" Studs

D0145  1

RX Vessel Stud Hole Plug Package - 6" Studs (Special)

CALL   1

Components Included/Replacement Parts: 


Stud Hole Plugs - 6" Studs

D1463  CALL

Stud Hole Plugs - 6.5" Studs



Stud Hole Plugs - 7" Studs D1464  CALL
Installation Tool D1495   3
Replacement Seal - 7" (Included with D1464 package) C1469   5
  Replacement Seal - 6.5"  (Included with D0145 package) D0145H01   5
  Replacement Seal - 6"  (Included with D1463 package) C1467   5
Replacement Seal - 6" Special (Included with package) CALL  5
Stud Hole Plug modified for laser/PG targets - 6" or 7"  D0008PG1   CALL
Storage Box - DOT 7A CALL  1