Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Cleaner

Gathering feedback from our highly experienced field technicians, Master-Lee Engineered Products, Inc. has developed an entire line of tooling to enhance the RX Head Maintenance performed at your facility.  Designed to decrease time, cost, and dose, we're confident you will notice the immediate impact when you incorporate EPI's RX Head Maintenance Tooling products into your job.

Please feel free to browse our list of available products.  If you have a particular tooling need or request, please contact our engineers to discuss your visions.  Our engineers routinely design customized tooling for a variety of applications.

Contact us for pricing and addtional information. 

Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

Crane Hook Link Cart

D0518  1
Crane Hook Link Cart with Stand CALL  1
CETNA Work Platform D1709  1
Load Cell Lazy Susan CALL  1
Kellum Grips ML-L30K  1
Cable Clamp ML-PC-SRL  1
RX Stud Nut Holder (Mailboxes) - 6" or 7" (Inside) D0329-1  1
RX Head Cribbing (Aluminum) D0261  CALL
RX Head Cribbing (Stainless Steel) D0712  CALL
  Conoseal Storage Boxes D0024G01  5/set
  Conoseal Gasket Protector D0024G01-A  1
Conoseal Short Ram CALL  1

Conoseal Mockup



  Conoseal Removal Tools D0040  2
 stud nut supports Stud Nut Supports (Mailboxes) D0079  1 set
  ICI Part Storage Box D0032G01  1
Stud Hole Cleaning System - 6" E2162  1
Reactor Vessel Stud Hole Cleaner Stud Hole Cleaning System - 7" E1348  1
  Stud Hole Cleaning Brushes - 6" E1348H17  4/set
  Stud Hole Cleaning Brushes - 7" E1348H17  4/set
Tensioner Plates D0637  2/set
RX Flange Debris Band CALL  
RX Head Curtain Set CALL