The Master-Lee RCP Seal Housing Inverter was designed with SAFETY in mind.  For nearly every seal maintenance job comes the task of inverting the #1 Seal Housing for cleaning, inspection, and removal/installation of the #1 Seal. 

Prior to its inception, seal housings were - and still are - inverted using a series of chainfalls and some "creative rigging".  This can be a timely set-up process and is by no means the safest plan.  Attaching the EPI Seal Housing Inverter is easily finished within minutes.  Inverting the 1,000+ lbs component comes even faster.  Once attached to the spreader beam and raised, via hoist or crane*, a technician can easily hand rotate the seal housing in a slow and controlled manner.  No chainfalls.  No setup.  No sweat!

* An optional floor fixture is also available.  This eliminates the spreader beam and crane/hoist configuration.

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 Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.
Seal Housing Inverter - For Model 93 RCP-D0061
Seal Housing Inverter Model 93AS Seal Housing Inverter - For Model 93A (with Spool) RCP-D0162
Seal Housing Inverter Model 93ANS Seal Housing Inverter - For Model 93A (without Spool) RCP-D0068