LED Pencile SystemThe LED PenciLite™ is a durable, long-lasting drop light that provides up to 20,000 lumens from high-powered LED lighting components to illuminate your underwater work environment.

Because of its long-life, radiation-tolerance, reliable operation and portability, the LED PenciLite™ is an extremely valuable addition to your underwater tooling and inspection equipment.  This powerful and compact light is well suited for reactor core barrel inspections, In-Vessel Video Inspection (IVVI) and many other maintenance projects.  Sized to fit through the flow holes of a PWR core plate, the LED PenciLite is the go-to light for performing Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) efforts as well as assisting camera inspection routines.  Having dimmer controls and an underwater depth rating of 100-ft allows the LED PenciLite to support many common BWR vessel inspections and maintenance tasks.

Constructed of hard-coat anodized aluminum and capped with a durable, polycarbonate globe ensures longevity and reliability in the harsh underwater environments.  A 100-ft neoprene power cord equipped with strain reliefs connects the light to it's Power Console.  Operating on standard 110VAC and drawing under 2-Amps adds to the portability and permits multiple lights to be configured on one circuit.

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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.
LED Pencile System

LED PenciLite™ System (includes Power Console w/ cord
and Light w/ 100-ft cord)


Replacement Parts (Sold Individually)

LED Pencile LED PenciLite™ w/ 100-ft cord D2893
LED Pencile Power Console LED PenciLite™ Power Console D2894
 LED Pencilite Globe Kit LED PenciLite™ Globe Replacement Kit D2914










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