LED Drop Light BodyDurable, reliable, and extremely bright (42,000 lumens with 4000K color temperature) - best describes the EPI LED Area Drop Light. The perfect solution to your underwater and general area lighting needs.

LED Area Drop Light is an addition to our popular Area Drop Light (incandescent) product line which is commonly used throughout the nuclear industry for fuel movement, fuel inspection, reactor cavity and spent fuel pool temporary lighting, or wherever localized underwater illumination is needed.

LED Drop LIght System
Whether it's underwater or general area, the 42,000 lumens (10,000 lumens in "open air" setting) of brilliant, bright light will provide a professional-grade illumination for your
LED 1 work environment.  Operating on standard 110VAC electricity and drawing less than 6-Amps, the LED Area Drop Light adds a layer of versatility and flexibility to your lighting configuration.

Constructed of hard-coat anodized aluminum and capped with a durable, polycarbonate globe ensures longevity and reliability in the harsh underwater environments. Successfully tested for functionality and longevity, our LED Area Drop Light spent eight (8) months underwater next to a gamma radiation source.  Removed from the water at the test facility- the Pennsylvania State University Breazeale Nuclear Reactor- after accumulating a total gamma dose of 36 MRad, the light was still shining brightly!
LED vs Comp LightLED Drop Light CE LabelLED Drop Light Power Console

To learn more about Master-Lee's LED Area Drop Light, please download our technical data sheet below.  You may also Contact Us with questions or for pricing and availability.

Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.
LED Drop LIght System

LED Area Drop Light System (includes Power Console w/ cord 
and Light w/ 100-ft cord)


Replacement Parts (Sold Individually)

LED Drop Light Body LED Area Drop Light w/ 100-ft cord D2743
LED Drop Light Power Console LED Area Drop Light Power Console D2744
 LED Drop Light Globe Kit LED Area Drop Light Globe Replacement Kit (1 Globe, 2 O-Rings, 1 Tube Molykote 111 (1-oz) D2834