pencilite assembly

The PenciLite™ is a durable drop light that provides more than 10,450 lumens from one 500 watt, GFCI, water-cooled, quartz-halogen bulb.

Because of its low cost, simplistic design, reliable operation and portability, the PenciLite™ is commonly preferred throughout the industry for all underwater applications.  This powerful and compact light is used for Rx core barrel inspections, in-vessel video inspection (IVVI) and many other maintenance projects.

The body is machined from stainless steel to endure a long life in harsh underwater environments.  A 100-ft neoprene power cord is firmly connected via wire braided strain reliefs.  The clear globes, constructed of a shatter-resistant Lexan, house the permanently sealed 500 watt bulb and socket.

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pencilite assembly

PenciLite™ Package (includes 2 Bulbs & 1 Globe)


Replacement Parts (Sold Individually)

D0012H13 GFI PenciLite™ (500 Watt) Bulb D0012H13-GFI
pencilite globe PenciLite™ Globe C1954









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