The Area Drop Light (GFI)is commonly used throughout the commercial nuclear power industry for refueling core, cavity, and spent fuel pool temporary lighting, or wherever localized underwater illumination is needed.  Supplying 54,000 lumens, the high-powered 2,000 watt quartz-halogen bulb is sure to brighten your underwater environment.  An upgrade from our standard Area Drop Light, this item is compatible with GFI (Ground Fault Interupter) circuits.

Bright, reliable, rugged and economical - best describes the Area Drop Light (GFI). The machined body of the light is made of stainless steel. The clear globes are made of high strength polycarbonate Lexan.   

  • 120 vac, 2,000 watt quartz-halogen bulb
  • Water cooled and easily changed
  • Permanently attached 100 ft. neoprene power cord is standard
  • This economical lighting system comes complete with (2) 2,000 watt bulbs and two clear globes

The Master-Lee EPI Area Drop Light, like all other EPI products, was designed and field tested by some of the most experienced field service specialists in the world. This fixture is built for quick on-the-spot serviceability. We recommend replacement of the globes every other outage.


CAUTION:  These lighting units are intended for use in demineralized water applications. Please contact us for any other application.

Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.

Area Drop Light (includes 2 Bulbs & 2 Globes)

Replacement Parts (Sold Individually)  
D0009H04 GFI Area Drop Light (2000 Watt) Bulb D0009H04-GFI
D0009H02 Area Drop Light Globe (clear) D0009H02
Optional Accessories 
Area Drop Light Reflector D1382











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