The Econo AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) is designed to accomodate your underwater retrieval or maintenance needs.  With a variety of inter-changeable gripper heads this package is a must have for your underwater projects.
Master-Lee recommends our Deluxe AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) for large scope underwater projects such as flux thimble and ICI cutting.

Complete with the items shown, the Econo AirGrips™ Package is the ideal solution to underwater FME retrieval and material handling.  Built from anodized aluminum, the rigid and lightweight poles simply and securely connect to your desired length.  With the use of a Bottom Mast Adapter, gripper heads are easily attached via a quick-connect design.  The stainless steel air cylinder is supplied by a 100' length of flexible polyurethane hose.  To adjust gripper sensitivity/strength, an air pressure regulator assembly is included with the package. 

The items listed below are included with the Econo AirGrips Package.  All items may be purchased individually as well.  Please contact us for pricing.


 Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity
Econo AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) D0086-EASSY  1  Package
Components Included:    
AirGrips Needle Nose Pliers D2177  1
AirGrips Large Pliers D2174  1
AirGrips Three-Finger Gripper  D1679  1
AirGrips 10' Center Mast Section (J-Lock)   D0086-10  4
AirGrips 6" Bottom Mast Adapter (J-Lock)  D0082  1
AirGrips 5' Lifting Bail Section (J-Lock)  D0086-5B  1
Single Acting Valve, Regulator, & Gauge Assembly  D0010G06-SA  1
Male Air Fitting (For Bottom Section) D0010H23  2
Polyurethane Air Tubing - 100 ft D0010H22  1
AirGrips Large Air Cylinder Assembly  D1483  1
AirGrips Small Air Cylinder Assembly D1486  1