The Master-Lee Engineered Products' Standard FME Tool System is an economical solution to your jobsite FME challenges.


A stage below our Deluxe Package, this system offers a generous portion of the most commonly used tools in the industry.  Each and every tool has been modified to easily and quickly adapt to one of EPI's FME Tool Retention Systems.

All of our FME tooling components are available for purchase as a package or individually.  For storage solutions, EPI has designed a portable toolbox for placement at your jobsite.


Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

Deluxe FME Tool System

FSS1  1 Package

Components included:


Screwdriver (set of 9; 5F/4Ph)

FME1  1 set
FME2 Utility Knife FME2  1
FME3 Channel Locks FME3  1
FME4 Linemen Pliers FME4  1
FME5 Needle Nose Pliers FME5  1
FME6 Combination Wrenches (3/8" thru 1") FME6  1 set
FME7 Nut Drivers (7 pieces) FME7  1 set
FME8 Crescent Wrenches (4 pieces) FME8  1 set
FME9 10 Allen Keys - Small FME9  2 sets
FME9 10 Allen Keys - Large FME10  2 sets
FME Tool Belt KR1  2
KR2 FME Pouch KR2  4
KR3 FME Wrist Band KR3  8
FME11 Side Cutter Pliers  FME11  1
FME12 Center Punch (5")  FME12   1
FME12 Center Punch (7")  FME13  1
FME14 Pin Punch  FME14   2 Sets
FME15 Files (5 pieces)  FME15  1 Set
FME16 Pipe Wrench (12")  FME16  1
FME16 Pipe Wrench (10")  FME17  1
Tape Holder  FME18  4
Steel Rule (12") FME19  1
FME20 Socket Set (3/8" DR); 20 pcs; 1/4" through 7/8"  FME20  1 Set
FME21 3/8" Drive Ratchet  FME21  1
FME22 Ball Peen Hammer (12 oz)  FME22  1