deluxe fme tool systemThe Master-Lee Engineered Products' Deluxe FME Tool System includes those components used most often at the jobsite.  Each and every tool has been modified to easily and quickly adapt to one of EPI's FME Tool Retention Systems.


All of our FME tooling components are available for purchase as a package or individually.  The Deluxe FME Tool System includes all items of the Standard FME System and the items listed below.  For storage solutions, EPI has designed a portable toolbox for placement at your jobsite.

Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.Quantity

Deluxe FME Tool System

FSS2  1 Package

Components included:

standard fme tool system

Standard FME Tool System

FSS1  1 set
 FME23 Wire Strippers/Crimper/Cutter  FME23   1
Vice Grips (4 pieces)  FME24    1 Set
Machinist Rule  FME25    1
FME26 Lockwire Pliers  FME26    1
FME27 Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool  FME27    1
FME28 Pry Bar (12")  FME28    1
FME29 Snap Ring Pliers FME29  1
Mini-Tip Screw Drivers (1F / 1P) FME30  1 Set

Feeler Gauges

FME31  1 Set
Digital Multi-Meter FME32  1
Flashlight FME39  1
Clipboard FME40  1
Pen FME41  1